The 2008 floods in Queensland: A case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity

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This report presents n historical case study of the 2008 floods in Charleville and Mackay that have significant areas situated on highly vulnerable flood plains
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This study aims to understand how societies that are regularly flooded respond and adjust to flood events and the extent of their resilience; the characteristics of communities that may be considered ‘on the edge’, where flooding might push them into non-viability; the extent to which flood mitigation measures (including State Planning Policy 1/03) have been applied to reduce the vulnerability to flood events; and to identify the characteristics of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity to flooding of households, businesses and institutions
CLIMATE AND WEATHER Extreme weather events
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National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
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Case study
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Emergency management
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Community and recreation, Disaster/emergency management
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Remote, Coastal
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Disaster management, Adaptation planning